TrainND东南 provides training opportunities for over 13,000 employers in 北达科他’s workforce, enhancing their ability to compete globally. Distance learning is another form of training provided and TrainND东南 offers several online certificate training programs to choose from.

Every business and organization is different, 有独特的过程, singular needs and unique objectives. One-size-fits-all training just won’t cut it. TrainND东南 offers open enrollment courses and customized programs for nearly every industry. More importantly, we make the training fit the organizations and its needs, not the other way around.

TrainND plays an important role in meeting both the workforce and business & industry needs where they are at, and where they are planning to go. The shift in thinking from training being an expense to training being an economic investment is key.

TrainND东南 covers 15 counties in southeast 北达科他 including: Barnes, 卡斯商学院, 迪基, 福斯特, Griggs, Lamoure, 洛根, 麦金托什, 赎金, 里奇兰, 萨金特, 斯蒂尔, Stutsman, 公司, 和富国. 办公室 are located at NDSCS-Wahpeton and NDSCS-Fargo.